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WATCH: Khizr Khan Talks About Son Humayun Khan’s Sacrifice —

Khan’s son died in Iraq. Screenshot from Democratic National Convention live feed. Khizr Khan, whose son, Humayun Khan, a Muslim, was an American service member who died in Iraq, directed a message to Republican nominee Donald Trump at the Democratic National Convention. “You have sacrificed nothing,” Khan said to Trump from the convention stage in…

via WATCH: Khizr Khan Talks About Son Humayun Khan’s Sacrifice —


Dump the Trump. Dump this super rich but superficial & a very short sighted golden reddish clown before he manages to buy the super political position and then Dumps America.
An established real estate business person is good enough in the game of market manipulation.. But running a powerful country can’t be managed through a hollow political conspiracy. Mr. Trump is wide eyed opened Blind about the Truth of Islam & Muslims. and that’s called a short sighted I’ll intended political conspiracy. Its racism against Humanity. And it must be condemned and exposed.

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